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What is the new TurboCord? It’s the newest EV Charging Station that is small, portable and can Charge your Electric Car three times faster than the Level 1 Charging Cord that came with the car. That Tech Company in Monrovia, CA known for producing flying hummingbirds and the first modern electric vehicle (The GM Impact), AeroVironement Inc, has done it again to revolutionize the EV Industry. The EV Industry is rapidly changing, many new charging technologies are becoming available for the consumer to choose from. The TurboCord tm offers a very unique design using an adapter which will appeal to any owners of electric cars charging at 3.8kW or less. The TurboCord will make it easier for Dealers to move inventory off their lots because a customer can now get a 120V/240V cord set and charge 3 times faster than they would with Level 1.

Turbo Cord Electric Vehicle Charger

Design: Small, Light (4lbs), and uses adaper to switch between 120V /240V charging.

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Which Car owners should buy this?

  • Chevy Volt – 3.3 Hours Fully Charged with the TurboCord
  • Mitsubishi IMEV – 6 Hours Fully Charged
  • Toyota Prius Plug-In  1.2 Hours Fully Charged
  • Honda Fit EV – 6 Hours Fully Charged
  • Ford CMAX Energi – 2.2 Hours Fully Charged
  • Ford Fusion Energi – 2.2 Hours Fully Charged
  • 2011 – 2012 Nissan LEAF

The Turbocrd makes Level 2 charging accessible for anyone wanting to install a 20Amp/240V outlet. Now there are a few complaints in the blogosphere about the availability of such a plug in public/private locations, many would prefer the 30Amp plug commonly used on a dryer outlet. However if such an outlet is available for use at a house then the outlet can be easily converted from 30Amps to 20Amps by simply replacing the outlet and 2-pole 30Amp circuit breaker with a NEMA 6-20R Receptacle and @-Pole 20Amp breaker. This can be accomplished with out an electrician by a novice Do-It-Yourselfer from Home Depot for about $30 or less (ok ~$29.95 J ).

The TurboCord’s petite size allows it to fit in many outlets and doesn’t dangle down like some other models which come with the car. This will prevent marks, scratches and Charging Abuse from showing up on your dry wall. The Body is shaped to be used in both indoor locations and outdoor outlet covers while still plugged in.

The Turbocord will definitely appeal to those that also want workplace charging without installing a charger, simply install a 240V 20Amp outlet.  AeroVironments’ Turbocord will fit the needs of anyone driving these cars should they wish to charge three times faster.

The Turbocord vs. The competition’s EV Charging Stations:

Well it’s portable, light weight, and pretty reasonably priced. The Clipper Creek unit only charges at 240V and not dual voltages so you’d still have to carry around that other cordset for emergency situations.

Our Advise:


Five Star Customer Rating

FIVE STAR RATING. Best In Class. Sell your level 1 on Ebay and buy one of these Daul (120V/240V) units. If you have an EV/ PHEV with a 3.3kW charger, then buy one of these. If you got an EV with greater than 3.3kW then look for one of the Wall mount models so you can charge faster a 30Amps. The Turbocord can only output 16 Amps which would not charge as fast as your vehicle is capable of.

TurboCord Specifications:

Output Power: 1.4kW @120V  /  3.8kW @240V

Output Amperage: 12Amps@120V  / 16Amps @ 240V

Outdoor Rating: NEMA 6P

Outlet Type: NEMA 5-15R / NEMA 6-20R

Circuit Breaker: 15 Amp @ 120V / 20Amp @ 240V

Cord Length: 20Ft

Warranty: 3 Year

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