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2014 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Fast
Fast, Really Fast, Really Really Fast, I’m scared it’s so fast.
That’s my “one liner” for Tesla’s Model S. It is the benchmark for Electric Vehicles, and well most all other vehicles not short of Ferrari or Lamborghini. I was very impressed with driving the Model S and the versatility of the vehicle. It’s a sports car, a luxury car, a big family saloon and an economy car all wrapped under a very provocative skin. I’ll cut to the chase here’s my likes, dislikes changes and what I’d want to get.


-Display: That touch screen display is big, HUGE and very intuitive to change settings; everything from ride height to the radio station is an Ipad like flick away.
-Customization: Ride height, traction control, sport steering
-Acceleration: one word: eZoom
-Handling- For a vehicle with a gross weight exceeding 5,000 lbs it drives like it’s about 1500 lbs lighter. Give the thanks to the low center of gravity with the vehicles battery pack under the main cabin. Purpose built EV’s will excel in this department.
-It’s electric, the Tesla Model S is most usable electric vehicle on the market as of 2013. Longest range, best looking and actually exciting.

Ain’t got no:
-Noise: Some would argue that silence is best but I’m a sports car nut who likes a little noise from the car when I’m driving.
-Front Seats: Hard, not totally comfortable and don’t seem like they are that of a $100K car.
-Door handles – Ok some things should just stay simple, do we really need door handles that auto-pop in/out of the door, this makes it difficult for a newbie to figure out a simple task: How do I open the door? I’ve yet to figure out why the automotive companies reinvent simple tasks into complex ones: Auto headlights, push buttons starts with no key or a remote key, and don’t get me started on BMW’s idrive….

Charging the Battery on the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Charging with Tesla Connector

I really like the small charging port on the Model S, it’s almost unfortunate that this wasn’t the standard because the charge port doubles for both AC and DC charging. You have to add an adapter to In order to use the Standard SAE J1772 Connector that you would find available in most public locations. The Tesla Model S also comes with an optional second ON Board Charger so you can add electric range at twice the speed. This option may be a bit useless because you’d have to have two chargers at home and now that they are building out their DC fast charger (Supercharger) network to enable long distance hauls you would find yourself fine with the one port. Tesla has announced a Chademo adapter that will work with other public DC Fast Charging Stations. This Charging Adapter will be a useful option in California with the building of the 200 Stations for the EVGO Fast Charger network.

IF I had one….

Tesla Model S J1772 Adapter
It would be black, on black with 1 charger, and a fast charge port (Got to do the LA to Vegas commute pure Electric). I wouldn’t go for the dual charge ports to charge at Home, unnecessary. In a few years it may be worthwhile having the new Chademo Charging Adapter for level 3 DC fast charging.



Well if you have no problem affording a $100K car, the Tesla would be a worthy competitor to the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus. However $100K is a LOT to spend on a car. I’m personally playing the wait and see game. Since Tesla is eventually planning on coming out with a BMW 3-Serries competitor priced in the 35-40K range (The Model E), does the Model S retain it’s Value? Does the first year Model S drop significantly in value in the next few years because of newer models with similar features and the every increasing battery ranges at lower costs? There may be an opportunity to the pick up a used Model S in the next few years at a significant discount. If you look at what has happened to the Nissan Leaf resale value this may be the case.
The underlining fact is , even if you’re not an EV nut the Tesla Model S makes no compromise from switching from Gas to Electric.

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