Chevy VOLT Driven 2014

Chevy Volt Driven

new chevy volt 2014
The Chevy VOLT is a unique car. The first on the market to offer plug-in technology with a decent range of 35 Miles pure electric makes this car useful to those that can commute to work in under this number. If you can accomplish this feat in under 35 miles then you could be free from the use of gasoline from Monday to Friday and still be able to hop to Vegas on a Friday night (if you live in the Los Angeles area that is…)

The Volt styling resembles that of the Millennium falcon, a trek-y type look that will appeal to anyone with a bit of geek in them. I personally don’t think it’s ugly or great looking but fits a niche that may blend in with the rest. After all, it’s main competitor is a Plug in Prius which is rather ugly in my humble and biased opinion. Interior quality is typical GM, the remnants of the styling of a Pontiac G6 shines through.


The best thing about the VOLT may be the following:
• Qualifies for access to the car pool lanes in California,
• Incentive from the Federal and State Government
• Able to drive further after running out of juice, although unconfirmed I’ve heard this to be less than 30 MPG in all gas mode which is rather unimpressive. A Ford Fiesta (All Gas) will get 38 MPG.
• Looks neither bad nor good, blends in. Good for a sales or fleet car which tells your customers “Hey I’m Green”.
• 3.3kW On Board Charger -

chevy volt interior 2014

What I don’t like:
• The car seats 4, not 5.
• Hard to see out of the rear
• The VOLT suspension is a bit too cushy and squirmy for me, when I was driving one fully loaded with 4 people the VOLT had it’s tendency to bottom out over some small divot’s in the road.
• The Volta has gotten less than 30 MPG in all gas mode, which is rather unimpressive. A Ford Fiesta (All Gas) will get 38 MPG.
• The price, the VOLT is an expensive upgrade to similar models such as a Malibu which offer’s that same GM quality….
• It’s made by GM (Yeah, I’m biased I think that should be clear!)
• Only uses 8 kW of that 16kW battery on-board. Would be interested to see what the electric range could be if the engineers had decided to go deeper into the battery. This also seems to be driving the cost up as the vehicle is carrying a bigger battery than its competitors and using a smaller percentage of the battery to discharge.

Chevy VOLT Charging Station Recommendation.

volt new charging 2014


The Chevy VOLT comes with the SAE J1772 charging port and a 3.3 kW on-board charger. Because the Chevy VOLT only uses 8kW you can manage just fine over night with a level 1 Cord set that was provided with the Vehicle. If you wish to install a Charging Station at your house for the convenience of not having to pull your cord set out every day or the ability to charge a wee bit fast you can go with a Level 2 charging station rated at 16 Amps. The 16 Amp out put should charge a fully depleted Chevy VOLT in about 2.5 Hrs. If you are installing a 16 Amp Charging Station you may be best to future proof the wiring to a higher amperage because eventually there will be Vehicles with faster charging capabilities available on the market.






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